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Online Auction Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to online internet auctions conducted by Iman Auction St. Louis.

By registering to bid with Iman Auction St. Louis, the registrant is verifying that he/she has read and accepted the terms and conditions set forth below:

By placing a bid the bidder is entering into a contract to purchase, whereas if the bid placed is the high bid at the close of bidding, the bidder is responsible for paying all amounts due, including the bid price, buyer’s premium and any applicable sales tax. Buyer’s premium and sales tax may vary by auction, so it is imperative that the bidder reads and understands the specific auction’s terms and conditions.

Close of Bidding Auctions with multiple items close on a staggered schedule, with 1 to 5 items ending each minute, depending upon the total number of items being sold, in the sequential order that they appear on the website. Most auctions will feature an extension of bidding, in which a bid placed within the final 3 to 5 minutes (this duration will vary by auction) will extend bidding for an extra 3 to 5 minutes. This feature allows for bids to be placed until all bidders have fulfilled their high bids. Bidding will end when a duration 3 to 5 minutes have elapsed with no bids. The time remaining for each item will appear next to the bid placement feature to inform you of how much time the bidder has to place a bid. As this system focuses on simplicity and ease of use, it does not automatically refresh the page and lots do not continuously reload (features that we received numerous complaints about when using Proxibid); therefore, the bidder must remember to regularly refresh the screen, either by pressing the REFRESH button on the keyboard, or by clicking on the REVIEW BIDS button with the mouse.

Bidding Instructions After completing the registration process, entering a secret password, and being given a unique bidder number, the bidder is ready to participate in any Iman Auction St. Louis online auction. (Remember, the unique bidder number and secret password combination are the bidder’s only way to access Iman Auction St. Louis’ online auctions.) A bid can be placed in one of two ways: 1) The YOUR BID box on the left is where the bidder places a bid that will, upon acceptance, immediately become the high bid should it be higher than any Max Bids that may have been placed. 2) The MAX BID box on the right is where the bidder places a bid which will not immediately become the high bid, but which will serve as a proxy. Upon acceptance, should a Max Bid be higher than other Max Bids that may have been placed, the bid will be placed in the next increment above the previous high bid. Ensuing bids will automatically be placed on the bidder’s behalf until the Max Bid is surpassed.

Entering a bid into one of these two boxes is only the first step. The bidder must next click on the SUBMIT BIDS button on either the top or bottom of the page. The bidder will then be directed to a confirmation page on which the bid must be confirmed by the bidder. Once confirmed, the bidder will be informed whether he/she now has the high bid or not. If the bidder is returning to an auction, he/she must make sure to re-enter his/her unique bidder number and password. Bids will not be accepted if a bidder is not logged into the system.

The bidder may enter multiple bids on a single page of the auction, but those bids must be fully executed before the bidder moves to another page.

The REVIEW BIDS button allows the bidder to view just the items on which he/she has already placed bids. This can be a very useful tool in allowing the bidder to focus on the items that are of interest to him/her.

Remember to regularly press REFRESH if the auction time is winding down, as this is the best way to stay abreast of the current bid and time remaining.

Payment and Credit Card Information Iman Auction St. Louis maintains the right to charge the credit card submitted by the bidder for the purchase amount of any successful bid plus buyer’s premium and associated taxes (if any). It is the policy of Iman Auction St. Louis that the bidder’s credit card information will be kept on file so long as the bidder maintains an account in good standing with Iman Auction St. Louis. If it is necessary for the bidder to arrange an alternative method of payment for a particular auction, this must be done within 24 hours of the end of bidding. All purchases will be charged to the credit card on file within 36 hours of the end of bidding.

Item Descriptions All items sell As-Is, Where-Is. All items are represented to the best knowledge of both the seller and auction company. Condition is represented with sincere effort to bring attention to any and all faults. Due to the subjective nature of such assessment and the distinct possibility of latent defects when dealing with antique and used merchandise, Iman Auction St. Louis offers open house previews for each auction which we encourage all bidders to attend.

Shipping and Possession of Purchases Successful buyers are responsible for making their own shipping arrangements. Iman Auction St. Louis provides contact information for reputable area shippers of both small and large merchandise. Local pick up is available for all auctions. Whether picking up purchases or having purchases shipped, arrangements must made before the end of scheduled pick up time. If no alternative arrangements are made and purchases are not picked up after the end of scheduled pick up time, possession reverts back to seller.

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