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Crossroads Art Auction - Bidding ends Monday, August 28, 2017 Bidding ends at 7:00 p.m. central with a soft close

Item Description
1.Russell T. Easterwood "Tea Party for 3. #Two" June 27, 2008. Acryllic on board 38"x 31"
2.Handcolored surreallist landscape engraving, by Franz Politzer (Austria). Print edition appears to be 59/90, signed in pencil. 30" x 30"
3.Lot of three vintage, leather African animal statuettes.
4.Small, framed hand-drawn sketch of cock fight in graphite, with river scene on reverse. No known attribution 11" x 8.5".
5.Peter Cain diorama with light in vintage Crosley Super V television. Signed "Peter Cain was here too". 14.5" x 18" x 19". Read About Peter Cain Here
6.Michael Greathouse, kinetic sculpture in steel. Approximately 72" tall.
7."Jesse Small" large portrait by Eric Swangstu, June 5, 1997. Oil on board, 38" x 32".
8.Large lot of 33 records, featuring original Ghostbusters soundtrack.
9."Maybe She's Born With It", by Jay Norton, May 1, 2005, mixed media/oil. 50" x 30".
10.Antique Faience urn with cherubim faces, repaired. 12" tall.
11.Hamadan Rug with low pile. 58" x 42"
12.Fine DeLatte Nancy cameo glass dome light fixture. 16" diameter.
13.Vince Roark geometric drawing on paper; and double-sided geometric etching in black lucite, 8.5" x 7". Both signed.
14.Autographed Lady Smith Black Mambazo tshirt. Sz Lg.
15.Anna Safford, "Dusk at Treeline". Signed print. 8.25"x 6.25.
16.Untitled painting on canvas by KC artist Bob Holloway, June 8, 1980. 23.5" x 12.5"
17.Mixed-media trophy with "FFL" football and sketches, by Lori Raye Erickson. 23" in height.
18.Dali color litho on paper, signed in pencil, edition 58/250. 28" x 36.5"
19.David Gant, untitled oil on canvas. 27" x 19"
20.Benin bronze statue of a hornblower. Stands 36" tall.
21.Jesse Small, Ceramic military helmet sculpture. 9" x 9" x 6".
22.Untitled oil on masonite painting of dog by Thom Richart, c. 2004. 48" x 36"
23.African carved hornbill statue. Stands 32" tall.
24.Lot of 14 hand-built clay figures, mostly depicting sea animals. Unsigned works.
25.Trevor McIntyre, "Abstract" oil on canvas. From the show Prodigal Son in 2003. 20" x 16".
26.Janet Simpson, Reeling States of Mind or X Marks the Spot, lithograph, #4/5, c. 1976. 30" x 22".
27.David Gant, "Pathetic" Mixed media on board, 2009. 49" x 40"
28.Pharoglyph #2 and #5, torch carved steel, by Reilly Hoffman, c. 2011. 27"x10"x4" each.
29.Jimmy Larsen, Untitled, acryllic and ink on wood siding, 2010. 39" x 9.5"
30.Allan Winkler, Folk art stoneware bowl with face. 16" diameter.
31.Large pre-Columbian Cozijo (God of Rain) terracotta figural jar, w/provenance card establishing it as a Zapotec work from the 2nd to 3rd period of Monte-Alban.
32.Large pre-Columbian terracotta seated figure.
33.Ancient figural native Peruvian? jar w/handle, black clay. 7" tall.
34.Pre-Columbian terracotta figures.
35.Carved sandstone block w/9 section grid; and carved wood 5 section box w/swivel lid.
36.Two antique metal spearheads; terracotta beads on rope; and carved black onyx Aztec head.
37.Two large Mexican hand blown ribbed glass cylinder vases - the tallest being 14".
38.JVC sound system - 3 components: QL-A200 turn table; XL-FZ258 5-CD changer; and RX-318 AM/FM receiver.
39.Pencil on paper portrait of Tom Deatherage, by Eric Swangstu, inscribed on verso "Tom - Here's to the last 10 years of The Late Show", signed and dated 6/16/01. 11" tall.
40.Set of 5 early 20th century Mission oak side chairs by Square Brand, Burlington, Iowa. All structurally sound, but most in need of seat repair.
41.Large abstract oil on canvas, "Devil's Dick", c. 2006. CORRECTION: definitely not by Eric Swangstu. 43-1/2" w x 52" t.
42.Group of 4 ceramic Jesse Small helmets, selling as one lot.
43.Very cool low profile tea table, c. 1960-70s, lacquer over pressed board w/marble insert. 32" w x 22" d x 11" h.
44.Group of 10 records from 1980s and '90s, including Psychedelic Furs, Devo, Village People, Revolting Cocks, Sylvester, Spyro Gyra, and B-52's. Then there is the work of art by Davin Watne: Al Gore Rhythms, w/painting on vinyl.
45.Pair of BIC Venturi model DV64 tower speakers.
46.Massive sterling silver platter with unusual maker's mark, San Francisco.
47.Group of Mexican folk art pottery, 11 pcs., with painted decoration.
48.Painting of hunting horn on scrap metal, titled "NOAA Scupper…"? 24" x 22".
49.Carsten Joergensen design stainless teapot by Bodum.
50.Pair of 19th century French lyre back side chairs
51.Group of 12 records, incl: Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Talking Heads, Jean Michel Jarre, Abba, etc.
52."Shad from Rock Creek" painting on canvas by Harvey S. Clapp, 23" x 27". Dated April-May 1974.
53.Set of 5 pewter liquor label plates, by Stieff Pewter.
54.Late 18th century chest-on-chest, dovetailed construction, rose head nails, bracket feet. One lock missing.
55.Late 18th century mahogany side chair.
56.Huge cut-out and painted metal sculpture by Asheer Akram, 83" tall x 22" wide.
57.Folk art still life of flowers with erotic underpainting, by Russell T. Easterwood, September 2008. 36" x 36".
58.Pair of helmet bowls? Pottery forms that appear to have significant age. Or, I've been told, possibly early Jesse Small helmets?
59.Two large African female carved wood statues: 1) Dogon, head needs repaired; 2) nkisi missing nose w/notch out of base.
60.Two large photographs on 16" x 24" boards, signed on verso Mrs. Virginia Davis.
61.Group of 4 primitive wooden vessels from different parts of the globe, the large hand hewn bowl being 18" wide at handle.
62.Homoerotic mixed media work by Jimmy Trotter, c. 2007. Framed: 19" x 16".
63.Group of 3 mixed media collage works by Jimmy Trotter, c. 2007. Framed: 14" x 14".
64.Half Full/Brilliant Optimism, scupture by Mark Cowardin, 35" x 21" x 6-1/2". Made of ebonized walnut, maple, paint, flocking and mixed media.
65.Mexican blown glass drink set, picher by Dupuis.
66.Pair of cut-out collages on cardboard by Allan Winkler. Approx. 10" x 8"
67.Group of Mexican glass tumblers, cereal bowl, and mixing bowl.
68.Very large pewter melon ribbed fruit bowl, and platter, 19" w.
69.Hand crafted bow and arrows from Africa.
70.Set of 5 hand blown Mexican goblets.
71.Two African hay or weed knives, hand wrought iron w/worn handles.
72.El Panda: Emperor of the Golden Throne, by Frank Kozik, autographed, and numbered 28/66, by Muttpop.
73.Two hand forged iron African spears.
74."Threesome", photographic print, or "Photogram", by Claudia Borgna, c. 2009. Framed: 20" x 25".
75.Large untitled glass and metal floor sculpure, by Stretch Rumaner, 33" tall, c. 2002.
76.Eye of the Storm, mixed media on Arches paper, artist signed, 30" x 22".
77.Stylized bronze bull and bear statuettes.
78.Mixed media print on paper, signed John S. Hamm? 22" x 30".
79.Impressive 19th century Chinese wedding or canopy bed, hardwood in lacquer. Most unattached pieces accounted for. Dimensions: 86" tall x 82" wide x 59" deep; with mattress measurement of 72" x 53".
80.Huge painting on plywood, insinuated title "Hecho in Missouri", by David Gant, 96" x 38".
81.Nice long hall runner rug, just under 18' long x 31" wide.
82.Cut out metal table by Jesse Small, 31" tall x 50" diameter. With very replaceable top. Jesse built this piece to be a chandelier, which would be AMAZING!
83.Large portrait of artist holding paint brush by David Gant, c. 2010. 30" X 33".
84.Extra long French Provencial chaise lounge, approx. 75" long.
85.Two monoprints on paper by Lauren Paul: "India Elephant", 41-1/2" x 50-1/2"; and "Grecian Urn II", 43" x 53".
86.Two more monoprints on paper by Lauren Paul: "Chinese Horse", 43-1/2" x 44-1/2"; and "Chou Period Vessel", 45" x 45".
87.Yet two more monoprints on paper by Lauren Paul: 2 versions of "Ancient Template II", each 45" x 52".
88.Inside Asia, 2 volumes, Taschen, great photos by Reto Guntli (didn't have time to read them, but guessing that Sunil Sethi's text is fab.)
89.Facinating surrealist painting on muslin canvas titled "Sentinel", c. 2007, by Rollin Beamish. 43" x 33".
90.Four quality art & design books: Jean Puiforcat (by Francoise de Bonneville); Glass by Galle; The First Collection from Meta catalogue, w/price sheet; and bicentennial celebration of Saint Louis Crystal, #3,393/4,000.
91.Large and extra large hand blown glass tumblers (Mexico), which have been used for candles, but would make perfect Long Island Ice Tea glasses.
92.Group of 5 humorous penguin paintings on shingle siding, one 2-sided.
93.Group of 3 crude paintings on shingle siding, one w/abstract painting on verso.
94.Group of 4 paintings on shingle siding, focusing on text, one 2-sided.
95.Smoking man on orange background, by Russell T. Easterwood, painting on canvas, dated 10/2/08. 30" x 30".
96.Smoking man on green background, by Russell T. Easterwood, painting on masonite, dated March, 2009. 48" x 48".
97.Portable baptismal by Dylan Mortimer, c. 2002, painted wood, metal insert. 48" tall.
98."Fruit Market #25/300" painting on plywood by Russell T. Easterwood, dated December 9-10, 2007. 48" x 48".
99.Three works by Jesse Small: felt cut-out tank (31" w); "Watch Out For Wild Half Tracks!" ink on paper, c. 1996; and marker drawing on paper of tank and windmill, c. 1996.
100.Two small framed works by Lori Raye Erickson: "Duck, duck, goose", c. 2003; and untitled painting with clown, c. 2002.
101.Five small works by Lori Raye Erickson, 2 framed, c. 1999-2004.
102.Small charcoal drawing of elephant on paper, signed Weaver, framed; and carved wooden elephant statue (made of eastern hemisphere hardwood).
103.Pair of precise drawings of skeletal fish, framed, artist April ???.
104."Untitled/Car Crash", oil painting on car trunk, by Davin Watne, c. 2000. Part of the 2013 "Collecting in the Crossroads" exhibition at Box Gallery.
105.Huge, 60" x 55", 4-panel artist's proof print of dragonflies, signed in pencil Dali.
106."Terry Bradshaw #12" painting on canvas by David Gant, c. 2009. 14" tall.
107."Fruit Market #15" painting (water color, crayon, pencil) on paper, by Russell T. Easterwood, dated March 16, 2007. 18" x 24".
108.Group of 4 vintage prints of Giacomo Brogi's 19th century photographs of Michelangelo's marble tombs of Lorenzo and Giuliano de Medici, #s 3007-3010.
109.Two Jesse Small works: 1) pencil and ink drawing of military vehicles (16" w); and print on card stock of military vehicles and power lines, used as postcard, c. 1997.
111.Gigantic bone sculpture, burnished steel plates on wood structure, 88" tall. Appears to be Stretch Rumaner sculpture "Neon Bone" minus the neon.
112."Blinded" diptych of 2 wood block prints on one sheet of paper, artist signed and dated 2008. 14" tall. Accompanying note identified artist as George Rouse.
113.Marble and onyx chess set.
114.From Salvador Dali's Divine Comedy series, wood block print of "Paradise 25, St. John", inscribed E.A. (epreuve d'artist), and signed in blue pencil. Print measures 10-1/4" x 13".
115.Vince Roark geometric etching in clear plexiglass, signed in marker, 14-1/2" square.
116.Painting of dog on masonite by Thom Richart, dated 2008. Measures 24" x 30".
117.Outsider art map "Lockinhind, 51st State" on plywood cut-out, 14" x 16-3/4".
118.Jimmy Trotter mixed media on canvas "We Speak French Also!", 20-1/2" x 24-1/4".
119."Fruit Market #36" painting on masonite by Russell T. Easterwood, dated June 10, 2008, and inscribed "To my best-friend & supporter, Todd Haenish". 48" square.
120."Paradise" litho number 11/14, by artist Marilyn M?, from Lawrence Lithography Workshop. 31" x 23".
121.Jimmy Trotter marker drawing on clear plastic sheet, 19" x 24".
122.Rendering by 3D printer, by Michael Rees, as model for "Putto 2x2x4" in the collection of the Kemper Museum. Approx. 3" tall, w/glass dome.
123.Group of 12 totally '80s records.
124.Vintage CEDs: Rocky, Rocky II and Killer Force; and DVDs.
125.Group of very cool books and a Conan trade card.
126.Edgy paintings on canvas, canvas panel and wood panel, same artist, name illegible.
127."Plaid Orb" edition 1/5 of the Polyglot Series, by Mary Ann Strandell, c. 2004. 3D lenticular print on Sintra, 44-1/8" x 44".
128.Reverse painting on glass, signed D'lan. 30-1/2" x 24-1/2".
129.Stencil and watercolor on paper "9th Ward… remember", by David Ford, c. 2006. 11-1/2" x 15".
130.Still life of fruit w/watermelon on plywood, by Russell T. Easterwood, dated January 2011. 24" square.
131."new friends" marker drawing and watercolor on book print of "The Santa Maria, The Flagship of Christopher Columbus, 1492", w/tear, by David Ford. 18" width.
132.Mirrored diptych of long-exposure photograph attributed to Steve McCline, photo paper on foam board, each measuring 20" x 30".
133.Abstract painting on old 2x6 lumber, 26-1/2" tall.
134.Traditional Chinese cap w/red star and dozens of lapel pins, many Chinese or communist.
135.Painted wooden box, stenciled "Untitled, C. Davis" on hinged lid, 27-1/2" long.
136.Antique brass andirons, marked Rostand 01.
137."Vote Bernie 2016" painting and text on canvas by Niko Vanderman (Nick Hide) of Colour Hustle Art, dated December 2015. 24" square.
138.Etching and aquatint print on paper, by Roberto Matta, signed and numbered 39/150. Framed: 29" tall.
139.Kinetic and lighted sculpture by Michael Greathouse, electricity powered auger lifts pink powder. Metal structure w/glass cylinder, 41" tall.
140."Ross Ice Shelf", oil on National Geographic, by Garry Noland, c. 2003. Framed: 23" x 31".
141.Group of 13 tintypes, featuring children.
142.Group of totally '80s necklaces and bracelet.
143."buck cherry" enamel on insulating foam and wood, by Nate Fors, c. 2006, framed: 31" x 55-1/2".
144.Abstract painting diptych, oil stick on mylar, by Sharon Louden, c. 1993, framed: 25-3/4" x 11-1/2".
145.Untitled beveled disc on stand (torn paper and paint on wood disc, on metal stand), by Justin Bell, 16-1/2" tall x 16" diameter. Made to be mounted on wall or ceiling (visit YJ's Snack Shop to see one in use).
146.Large mixed media predominated by fine painting of stones on the beach, w/poem and collage, signed (illegible), framed: 43-1/2" x 23-1/2".
147.Face paintings on pine corner shelf, unsigned. 24" tall.
148."death takes a holiday" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 2004, 6" x 22" x 4-1/2"; along with autographed exhibition catalog: "Mott-Ly, a retrospective", which features several of the proceeding Mott-Ly works.
149.Giant playing card; Grateful Dead ticket for show at Starlight Theatre, Aug. 3, 1982; c. 1982 Foreigner at Arrowhead ticket; several buttons; etc.
150."prayer" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 2004, 9-3/4" x 12-1/2" x 4-1/4". Part of retrospective.
151.Group of 3 inflated inner tubes in enamel, by Nate Fors, c. 2000. Up to 11" diameter.
152."ghosts" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 1994, 7" x 8-3/4" x 3-1/2". Part of retrospective.
153.Large abstract painting on canvas by Eric Swangstu, c. 1997. 48" x 60"
154."giant" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 1997, 11-3/4" x 9-1/2" x 3-1/2". Part of retrospective.
155."Yellin" painting on plywood by Bruce Burstert, c. 2013. 24" square.
156.Two works by Oz McGuire: 1) "Saving Jessica Lynch" succession of stop-motion silkscreen prints and watercolor on paper, 30" x 22"; and untitled marker and guache drawing of tank, 8" x 6".
157. Group of antique photographs, c. late 19th/early 20th century; and framed collage of torn out sections of text.
158."Kabarett" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, dated 2005-'07. 10" x 12".
159."Slave Ball" painting on canvas by Eric Swangstu, dated January 1998. 48" x 60".
160."box of chocolates my ass!" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, dated 2006. 7-1/2" square.
161.Cool Route 66 painting on masonite, 15-1/4" x 14-1/2.
162."remedios" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 2003. 10" x 13".
163."Fruit Market #50", large paiting on masonite by Russell T. Easterwood, dated April 1, 2009. 48" x 48".
164.Untitled mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, 5" x 9-1/2".
165.Untitled homoerotic drawing and text on plywood, 2-sided, signed Rossindo Timideo Pasquamadera, pseudonym for Russell T. Easterwood. 18" square.
166."bethlehem, choke on the wing" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 2005. 9" x 11".
167."Snowscape #22", large painting on masonite by Russell T. Easterwood. 48" square.
168."The Makings of You" painting on canvas, signed Rhy, c. 2008. 20" x 16".
169.Untitled snowscape, large painting on masonite by Russell T. Easterwood, dated April 1, 2009. 48" square.
170.Fourteen records, late '70s to '90s, with 3 by U2.
171."Slaybells Ring and bah fucking humbug!" or "It's a Kansas City X-mas!" mixed media assemblage by Mott-Ly, c. 2005. 7-1/2" x 8-1/2".
172.Group of studio ceramics, quality work.
173.Two erotic works on canvas Russell T. Easterwood, 18" x 18" each.
174.Large Balinese batik of potentially warring factions, framed: 56" x 40-1/2".
175.Erotic poem etched into window panes of vintage window in old paint.
176.Large mixed media assemblage with text definitions for "pinkie", vintage steering wheel, rubber, and neon light (broken). 46" x 46-1/2".
177.Pair of "Andy Warhol and Sonny Liston fly on Braniff…" posters.
178.Nice Persian rug w/2 holes (see photos). 74" x 48".
179.Four erotic works, 3 on paper, 1 on canvas w/paper collage, by Russell T. Easterwood.
181.Four books of artistic interest: "Pop Touched Me: The Art of Rob Pruitt", autographed; sketch book full of fantastic drawings and notes; "The Pop-up Book of Phobias"; and New Scents Zine, Issue 9, October 2009.
182.Pair of snowscape paintings on canvas by Russell T. Easterwood: 1) "Snowscape #20"; and 2) untitled, c. 2008. Each 36" square.
183.Untitled mixed media sculpture, weathered wood beam, paint, fabric, and rubber devil mask. 67" tall.
184.Seven cartoon paintings on wood blocks.
185.Two Polaroid photographs, architecture, by Jo Brenzo of San Miguel, Mexico.
186.Crude house built of aged plywood in paint, and covered in yellow tape. 14" tall.
187.Two Polaroid photographs, clowns, by Jo Brenzo.
188.Group of 9 tintypes, and 1 postcard photo, c. mid to late 19th century.
189.Russell T. Easterwood snowscape on masonite w/redbird, dated December 2010. 24" square.
190.Two Polaroid photographs, churches, by Jo Brenzo.
191.Hammer Press print of Jim Leedy; and 2 Gary Rohman Photography large business cards featuring Jim Leedy on motorcycle, c. 2008, autographed by Jim Leedy.
192.Interesting Chagal-like painting on canvas of goat and human figure, 13" x 17".
193.Two Polaroid photographs, landscapes, by Jo Brenzo.
194."Inverted Lotus" thick paint and lacquer on canvas, by David Ford, dated April 1994. 24" x 12".
195."Untitled Green" painting, ink and fabric on board, with nice drawing on verso, architectural subject matter, by Travis Pratt, c. 2008. 12" x 14".
196."Gay Scouts" cut-out painting on masonite, by Lori Raye Erickson, c. 2002. 10" tall.
197."Stripped Down Playground" mixed media on board, by Travis Pratt, c. 2009. 18" x 11".
198.Solid antique walnut artist's stool.
199.Two Polaroid photographs, architecture, by Jo Brenzo.
200."Cul de sacs" ink on vintage print, by May Tveit, #1/3, c. 2005. In 12" x 15" frame.
201.Paint and marker w/etching on reverse of large 54" x 27" glass. Note has title "Deland", and artist Rachael Davidson.
202.Wooden cat sculpture by Bottega Michelangeli, Orvieto, Italy. 7-1/2" tall.
203."Change, Body, Architecture", an exquisite digitally produced night and day diptych, signed by illegible, and dated September 2009. Matted at Frame Gallery: 33-3/4" x 27-1/4".
204.Two Polaroid photographs, nudes, by Jo Brenzo.
205.Two Jesse Small metal cut-out pieces; and postcard letter on cardboard in frame.
206.Two nice abstract paintings on plywood, verso w/full "X". Large work measures 18" x 15-1/2"
207.Two Lori Raye Erickson works on paper: "Snuff & tweek", c. 2004, in 11" x 9" frame; and untitled bird painting, c. 2004.
208."Pear Wood" mixed gesso & oil stick painting on board by Fritz Bally, c. 1992, 11-1/4" x 15-1/4".
209."Stamp 15", "Stamp 22", and "Stamp 84", trio of mixed media stenciled handgun works by Stretch Rumaner, c. 1995.
210.Molded wax sculpture of Colt mod. 1911, by Joe Gregory.
211."chicklet" mixed media painting, c. 2007, framed (11" x 9"); and painting of elephant, c. 2003, both by Lori Raye Erickson.
212.Group of unusual pipes, and magnifying glass w/carved horn handle.
213.Two manipulated Polaroid photos of crucifixes by Jo Brenzo.
214.Group of 4 small mixed media works by Lori Raye Erickson.
215.Large group of vintage pewter table wares.
216.Pair of fantastical ink and watercolor drawings on paper, artist signed, 14" x 11" each.
217.Group of primitives: tacks crate; egg scale; wooden child's shoes; etc.
218.Ink, pencil and collage portrait, believed to be by Kendall Kerr, framed: 16" x 15-1/2".
219.Antique spongeware casserole; and stoneware milk pitcher.
220.Pastel of mountain goat signed Lanny "99", 18" x 15".
221.Group of carvings from African and Indonesian artisans.
222.Painting on canvas of sleeping model w/artist in background, 18" x 24".
223.Pair of abstract paintings on canvas, 10" square each.
224.Two glass block sculptures, tallest being 8-1/2".
225."jerk sucker idiot fool", drawing and text on paper by David Ford, adhered to foam board, 10" x 7-1/2".
226.Color lithograph by Hungarian/American artist Laszlo Dus, #95/200, dated 1979. 17" x 25".
227."Fatman" incised wax on board by Jason Michael Hackenwerth, c. 2000. 10-1/4" x 7-1/4".
228.Untitled triptych of scorched wood blocks by Jason Myers (or Json Myers), c. 2003. Part of 2013 exhibition "Collecting in the Crossroads" at The Box Gallery.
229."Where Buddha Comes From" molded concrete in gold paint, by Jesse Small during his time in Jingdezhen, China, c. 2005. 5" x 4-1/2" x 2-1/2".
230.Untitled, painted wood and mixed media, by Lynus Young, c. 2005. 19-1/2" x 18".
231.Untitled, painted wood block, by Jason Myers, 8-1/2" x 9".
232.Group of 5 small socially conscientious printed works by KC artist.
233.Abstract pastel work on art board by Jimmy Osborn, with abstract pencil drawing on verso. 23"x 20".
234.Portrait "After Battle: Ulysses S. Grant", by Steve Keene (NY), dated 2/9/96, on plywood panel, 16" square; and 2 linocut prints on cardboard: cupcake and Abe Lincoln.
235.Collage of NY subway maps and photos behind plexi-glass, on particle board panel, 20-1/2" x 31".
236."Botanical II" and "English Cottage I" collage works on paper, by J. Traub, larger being 36-1/2" x 44-1/2".
237.Pair of male and female full-figure tribal statues, with anatomical damage, tallest being 53".
238.Small painting of cane-carrying skeleton on tar paper, 11-1/2" tall.
239.Two numbered surrealist lithographs by Franz Politzer, framed: 18-1/2" x 19-1/2".
240.Large painting of nude woman and pink target on plywood, artist unknown. 46" x 39".
241."Tornado Study" and other painting of FLW-style architecture over waterfall on paper by Travis Pratt. 23" x 34" each.
242.Abstract painting on canvas by Niko Vanderman, 24" x 30".
243."johnny get angry" fabric over 45 record by Joanie Sommers, by Nate Fors, c. 1999.
244.Signed and numbered poster print of Miles Davis in Santa hat by Mike Wolf, #72/500, c. 1986. 22" x 32-1/2".
245.Pair of Beetles themed portrait paintings on art board, by Jimmy Osborn: "Leen On" and "Ringo Has A Bad Eye". 16" x 20" each.
246.Three smaller snow scape paintings on canvas by Russell T. Easterwood. Largest being 12" square.
247.Group of 1970s records: several Cat Stevens, Betty Wright, George Benson, Harry Chapin, Jonny Hathaway, Chaka Khan, Rick James, Steely Dan, etc.
248.Group of 12 antique tintypes featuring children and young people.
249.Snow scape painting on canvas by Russell T. Easterwood, 25" square.
250.Group of vintage records, which include: The 5th Dimension, T.S. Eliot's Practical Cats, A Chorus Line; Merry Christmas from Fenwick, and two comedy albums.
251.Pair of Polaroid photographs by Jo Brenzo, #33 and 55 of 62.
252.Group of 11 antique tintypes featuring young adults.
253.Still life of flowers in striped vase on paper, by Russell T. Easterwood.
254.Group of 4 works from the Stamp series by Stretch Rumaner: Stamp #7, #12, #33, and #38.
255.Untitled print and painting on paper by Adriana L. ????.
256.Eight small framed works by Lori Raye Erickson.
257.Small silver plate footed dish designed by Alexander Calder for Reed & Barton (small dent in rim); and other MCM silver plate dish.
258.Pair of Polaroid photographs by Jo Brenzo, from her Polaroid series of 62.
259.Small stencil on fabric by Stretch Rumaner, framed.
260.Group of records that include at least 9 Elvis, 2 Sinatra, 2 James Brown, and many more.
261.Pair of Polaroid photographs by Jo Brenzo, from #s 50 and 59 of series of 62.
262."Excelsior I" sculpture of limestone, glitter, wood and ink, by Don Lambert. 17" x 23" x 17".
263.Chateau Ste. Michelle Artist Series, c. 2012, crate of 6 bottles with art by Dale Chihuly.
264."the inside sees sunlight for the first time before is changes color", pyrotechnic residue, wood, paint, by Jason Myers (or Json Myers), c. 2004. 8" x 7" x 4"
265.Sculptural metal cut-outs by Jesse Small, 11pcs, 24-1/2" long each.
266.Pair of c. 1977 posters of David Lance Goines Arts & Crafts graphics, by Portal Publications.
267.Sheep in the mountains photograph on poster board, 24" x 17".
268.Two layer wall sculpture, cut-out metal, by Asheer Akram, 23-1/2" width.
269.Pair of still life of candle paintings on sketchbook paper, by Russell T. Easterwood.
270.Large group of KC art show posters, brochures and cards, many autographed, including: Reilly Hoffman, Nate Fors, Stretch Rumaner, Rob Erickson, Allan Winkler, Carla Steck, and others.
271."7 E. 7th St" lithograph by Lorrie Ensign, #1/4. 30-5/8" x 23".
272.Group of vintage photographs from 1950s, maybe early 1960s, several taken by Mrs. Virginia Davis of Columbus, Ohio.
273."One Squid to Another", marker on cut-out cardboard, c. 2012. 25" tall.
274.Funny small mixed media sculpture w/plastic goldfish in test tube, by Dean Smith, as a birthday gift for Todd; and "Ms. E. Fishiency" clock sculpture by H. Ramsay, #12/250.
275."Drawing of My Truck", graphite on arches paper, by Matt Wycoff, c. 2007. 25-1/2" x 33".
276.Group of ethnographic objects, and sewing box.
277.HP Laser Jet 3055 printer/scanner, w1907 monitor, and keyboard; Microsoft mouse; La Cie modems; and box full of cords.
278.Fine wall sculpture of cut-out metal in red paint, by Asheer Akram. 16-1/2" diameter.
279.Collage drawing with text, nicely framed, by Stephanie Litton. 24-1/2" x 14-3/4".
280.Large lot of culinary appliances, pots and utensils, including: Ginzu knife set; Romertopf ceramic chicken cooker; All Clad waffle maker; French rolling pin; Le Creuset skillet (much used); and much more.
281.TYC Mitsubishi 16939 starter for Chrysler- NEW
282.Group of artist oevre books, show catalogs, a David Smith show card, and 2 issues of Helicon Nine.
283.CD collection spanning genres - see pics.
284.Collection of 1970s & '80s rock albums, w/several eccentric albums; and a carrier full of 45s.
285."Americana II" collograph by M Pat (also referred to as P Mac on verso?). 43" x 47".
286.Three small paintings on canvas that pretty much speak for themselves.
287.Group of books relating to Kansas City and the region, including 2 signed copies of "Where are you supposed to be?"
288.History, geography and sociology, including an artist signed engraving of Winston Churchill, and KC Times May 23, 1969 edition of Apollo moon expedition.
289.Large group of pottery.
290.Framed sculpture of leaf; and small portrait of lady in a red hat on glass by Romanian artist, c. 1990, with reference to Castle Bran?
291.Mexican glass jars, tray and trivet; MCM alabaster bookends, stone ball, and Goodwood condiment set.
292.80+ hand blown glasses from Mexico.
293.Group of 4 Polaroids by Jo Brenzo, #s 2, 8, 9 and 14 of series of 62.
294.Group of 4 Polaroids by Jo Brenzo, #s 19, 29, 36 and 43 of series of 62.
295.Group of 4 Polaroids by Jo Brenzo, #s 13, 34, 44 and 46 of series of 62.
296.Group of 4 Polaroids by Jo Brenzo, #s 6, 10, 54 and 57 of series of 62.
297.Unusual heavy iron nails sculpture; bronze bifurcated twig; and group of primitive arrows and spears.
298.Political memorabilia from Bush/Quayle, to GW paperweight, to Obama/Biden; also, a flag flown over US Capitol on September 11, 2004.
299.Group of vintage silver plate, brass, porcelain, etc.
300.Large group of pattern and utilitarian glass.
301.Extra large group of fine stemware, much of it crystal, and lunch plates.
302.Hobbs & Brockunier Frances Ware 5 piece berry bowl set, w/frosted master bowl.
303.Three quality crystal vessels: Waterford pitcher; Orefors bowl; and unmarked bowl.
304.Wedgwood white ware set; Herend cups and saucers; Dibbern salad bowl; and Wedgwood Patrician plates.
305.Faience peasant ware; and cabbage plates and bowls, all Italian.
306.Approximately 70 pieces of Waldo ceramic dinnerware.
310.Expressionistic still life of roses painting on board by Ted Czarnecki, framed.
311.Watercolor of red house by Borse Miller; prints by J.R. Hamil and others.
315.Group of photographs, several signed (see photos), including LE print by Maurizio Cattelan; "KC at Dusk" by Richard Latimer; "Eldred Lights" by Dan Wayne.
316.Collection of 8 fiber works by Holly Swangstu.
318.Group of 7 collage works, artists unknown.
319.Group of 4 works: "Huh huh... apocalypse is cool... huh huh" by Jesse Butcher; Untitled mixed media on canvas by Kristopher Clark, c. 2008; Untitled collage w/rubber snake by Skip Bailey, c. 2007; and small drawing by Steven Patrick Pistone.
320.Group of prints, including several by Hammerpress.
321.Mixed media sculpture of life-size pink pistol and yellow hand flipping the bird (finger has been repaired), signed Iggy, c. 2007.
322.Pair of Russell T. Easterwood still life of flowers.
323.Group of outsider paintings and one transfer on house siding, signature on similar lot in auction indicated artist as Don Laser, possibly a pseudonym?
324.Another group of outsider art paintings on wood siding, again attributed to Don Laser.
325.Two more Russell T. Easterwood still life of flower paintings.
326.Group of 9 pewter crackers in original packaging by NY artist Herbert Hoover.
327.Two nice paintings on sketchbook paper by Russell T. Easterwood.
328.Terrific original c. 1981, Limited Edition #180/2,000, poster featuring The Stars of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 30" x 24", which includes actual autographs by: June Allyson (1917 - 2006), Mary Astor (1906 - 1987), Lew Ayres (1908 - 1996), Cyd Charisse (1922 - 2008), Jackie Cooper (1922 - 2011), James Craig (1912 - 1985), Gloria DeHaven, Tom Drake (1918 - 1982), Irene Dunne (1898 - 1990), Kathryn Grayson (1922 - 2010), Virginia Grey (1917 - 2004), Van Johnson (1916 - 2008), Fernando Lamas (1915 - 1982), Peter Lawford (1923 - 1984), Janet Leigh (1927 - 2004), Tony Martin, Vincente Minnelli (1903 - 1986), Margaret O'Brien, Donald O'Connor (1925 - 2003), Joe Pasternak (1901 - 1991), Eleanor Powell (1912 -1982), Ann Rutherford and Esther Williams
329.Pair of Russell T. Easterwood paintings on paper.
330.Fine bronze sculpture w/draped textile characteristics, by Yvonne Domenge (Mexico), numbered 8/10, also stamped "003". 10" tall x approx. 10" depth. View Her Work Here
331.Hand-colored drawing by Rita Blitt, dated 1988; interesting figural painting w/snake, unsigned; and nice looking abstraction on Champion Colorcast paper, signed on verso (see photos).
332.Abstract painting on back of goat hair paint brush set packaging, framed.
334.Group of prints by Brent Cox, Oz McGuire, and A. Pierce.
335.Four works: one print and 3 paintings, one by Karen Owsley Nease, c. 2005.
336.Fascinating industrial sculpture, artist unknown, which flashes light sockets in alternating patterns, in working condition.
337.AUCTION HIGHLIGHT: Small carved wood female statue by renowned native American artist John Wilson. 10" tall. This and other items listed at the end of the auction were just recently unboxed.
338.Group of ephemera, printer's blocks, wood engraving, thermometer and other items.
339.Group of 10 posters: Sharon Milligan, San Miguel de Allende, Galleria Mefi, autographed; The Box Series, c. 1992; Pipe Spring National Monument; Nelson-Atkins American Art exhibit; The City Market Brick Campaign; An Eye for Maine; Cinema-Scope/Perpetual Art Machine/Rhizome/Scope New York at New Museum of Contemporary Art; and others.
340.Marilyn Monroe poster of painting, signed and numbered (22/100) in pencil.
341.Concert and art show small posters, including: autographed show poster by Stretch Rumaner; signed and numbered poem by Paul Shortt; and many others.
342.Collection of 2 sets of blueprints for Dr. & Mrs. Shires, The Cloisters, Leawood, by Howard Nearing of Nearing Staats; and small 1 sheet blueprint for Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rice of Leawood, by Glen Eidson.
343.Russell T. Easterwood paintings and a print.
344.Two paintings, artist signed.
345.Tricycle sculpture!
346.Group of movie and sports posters; along with autographed KC Chiefs cards.
347.Jimmy Trotter work, along with 3 other unattributed small paintings.
348.Group of abstract/color field paintings.
349.Large lot of sketches, prints and paintings on paper.
350.Misogynistic prints by Tapley Bastamante, and two illustrations.
351.Group of 4 illustrations by Chief Standing Cloud.
352.Blue oxide compositions by Dane Bonner, c. 2007.
353.Eleven drawings of "Jail Sandals" by Sherree.
354.Group of artworks by Jimmy Osborn, Justin Goldwater, Liz Adams, Michael Sieben, and others.
355."#15 The Hall" cut-out paper, signed Eliot Daughtry, c. 2005.
356.Works by Tapley Bustamante, Seth Johnson, and others.
357.Pair of ceramic wall sculptures, signed but illegible; Skip Bailey block collage; and ceramic 1/4 cup w/hand painted "A".
358.Group of iron sculptures, artists unknown.
359.Two iron on transfers!! with packaging signed by Seth Johnson; "Beach Stones" photo by Peter Urbansh; Televoid decal; tropical scene, artist signed; and more.
360.Glass paperweight by Stretch Rumaner.
361.Memorial collage; and 3 small paintings.
364.Small terracotta bowl; Mexican pottery; glass beads; and 2 watercolors, signed.
365.Jewelry box full of lapel pins, netsukes, bead necklaces, and more.
367.Group of 4 didgeridoos; painted snake shield and cut out wood panel; ceramic figure (damaged); and metal hoop.
369.Three large photos of jets by Tom Ring.


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